Client Comments

"Rachel is amazing to work with.  She does not support the "no pain, no gain" style of workout.  Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable about current exercises and was very creative in adjusting exercises to meet our groups needs regardless of prior or current injuries.  Rachel’s energy is encouraging, upbeat and serious about getting you the results you want.  She has helped me see my potential and continues to push me to do things that I would not normally do."

"I've had an on and off relationship (mostly off) with working out for my whole life.  I hadn't worked with a trainer before working with Rachel in a small group at the local gym.  It was an excellent experience and has really helped to turn my thinking around on getting fit and staying fit.  Rachel is very positive, full of energy and a delight to work with."

"TRULY, Rachel Benson went above and beyond the call of duty to help me find my way back to healthy eating and right living.  Not only was she a Star in the arena of Team Leader and Instructor in our recent "Take it off" campaign at the YMCA, she also took me food shopping on her own time expecting nothing in return just to help me find my way back to a normal and healthy eating diet.  WIth tears of gratitude and joy, I can recommend her to anyone seeking to as one team member put it: "lose their generic self" and come out on fire, ready to fight and win against unhealthy habits."