Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back in action

It's been nearly a month since i've written- bad blogger! I'm happy to say it's been a result of a busy training schedule and a rigorous and exciting school workload.

In an attempt to make my blog more readable/consistent and not lame and boring, I am following the advice of my wise boyfriend Nick and will be setting a schedule for my blog posts. As of right now I will be blogging on Fridays- this is a great chance for me to reflect on my week of training and workouts and compile a list of links I've collected over the week on health, diet, fitness, and wellness to share with readers. It will also help me stay accountable to blogging- just like working out, it's hard to maintain it when no one is telling you to do it! Stay tuned.

For now check out this recent success story from Diane, one of my most badass and dedicated clients and full time working mom of 3 young kids! Quite impressive!

"I want to share a mini-success story with you.  Finally this morning after this horrible winter and being sick for too many weeks to count, I headed out for a run this morning.  I could not believe how good I felt.  I ran my "long" run in 30 minutes (usually takes me 45) this morning.  So thank you for sticking with our crew, it is making a real difference in how I feel and how good I feel during and after my workouts."

With motivated, enthusiastic and persistent clients like Diane and her group members Kayla and Amy getting in fantastic shape is fun and you see results fast!

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