Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trainer/Client relationship

I had a new experience recently in my training career when one of my clients sadly passed away. I called her because she hadn't come to our appointment, only to find out that she had very recently died. It was shocking, and I felt very, very sad.

I had only known her for a few months, but it is amazing when I think about how much I knew about her from just a few training sessions. I knew about her family- what her children were up to, how they liked their jobs, etc...her dog's names and all their silly little habits....her volunteer work and how that affected her she liked the new house she moved into, etc. etc etc....

The trainer/client relationship can be very close. It is an intimate thing, to entrust someone else with your body! There must be mutual trust, respect, faith, and a good sense of humor. Like many other industries that see clients one-on-one (hairstylists, makeup artists, cosmetologists, massage therapists, etc.) personal trainers often hear their client's deep thoughts, feelings, and fears. Alot can be learned in an hour training session!

I'm sure this will be one of many strange and sad occurrences in my career in the fitness and mental health field. Client's lives are full of ups and downs, wonderful joys and sudden tragedies. We share in the happiness of our clients as well as the hard times, and yes, even death.

Jody, I hope you are resting peacefully and I will remember you fondly.

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