Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gym etiquette 101

Today I thought I'd take the chance to blog about the all-important GYM ETIQUETTE. I love working at the YMCA. I love working OUT at the YMCA too. But for some reason I find that some of my fellow YMCA-goers, while they are most likely very lovely people, are very lacking in gym etiquette. Example:

Today I was doing a balance exercise with a bosu ball (see Fig. 1) on top of a bench.
Fig. 1

The bosu ball was the perfect height for the exercise I was trying to do. I was just going about my business, doing the exercise, when a woman came into the room and plucked the bosu ball right off the bench I was using. When I looked started and confused, she said "I need it to work on my balance." When I looked pissed, she said "Sorry."

Lady, I don't care if you're gonna make a damn salad on it- I'M USING IT. What's funny is, if she had considerately asked me to use it I would have gladly agreed. But the fact that she felt she could just take it from me, without asking, when I was clearly using it, is just ridiculous.

Unfortunately, things like this happen all too often.

ANYWAY: A few tips on gym etiquette:

-Always ask if someone is using a piece of equipment if they are even somewhat close. It's considerate.

-Always wipe down the piece of equipment you're using when you're done.

-Always return a piece of equipment to it's proper place.

-DO NOT walk into a room where several people are exercising, decide you don't like the music, and turn it off. Likewise, do not enter a room where several people are exercising and turn ON music. Always ask a quick general consensus of the people in the room. It takes just a moment.

-Remember that you are not the only person in the facility!

-Don't pepper personal trainers with questions, especially when they are in a session with a client! *I'm more than happy to talk to a member or potential client with specific questions, but I can't give you a free session of training when I'm trying to get my own workout in, on my own free time, or when i'm working with a paying client*

-Don't complain to a personal trainer about things irrelevant to personal training (i.e. the paper recycling system, the heat, the parking lot, the leaky radiator.)

All that being said, the majority of members I come across are GREAT! There are just a few clueless, or plain old inconsiderate, people who can make things difficult.

My motto for gym etiquette: "Always err on the side of POLITE!" You can't go wrong.

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