Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feed Megan Fox

I'm certainly not going to be someone who says that "beauty" looks a certain way- thin, curvy, short, tall, whatever. I think it's all gorgeous, especially if that person is healthy and confident and takes care of their body. That being said, although I realize people think shes super sexy, I honestly can't agree.


I realize some women are naturally thin, but honestly, this is eating disorder porn. Dislike. Even her eyes look hungry!

Here's a video I DO like:
*there are some images that are slightly sexual in nature. I do not condone hypersexualizing women, this video was meant to show that women of all sizes can be beautiful. There are also images of extremely thin women so if this is difficult for you, stop at 3:07*

And another:

I'd rather see this badass chick do workout moves all day than see that underfed, pouty Megan Fox rolling around for Armani. Not healthy.

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  1. Way to go, Rachel. Working out is sexy... and healthy.