Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't Feed the Stars

#1- came upon this image while perusing my usual list of feminist blogs:

This is SICK!

"I hate dieting, I'm hungry all the time"
"As long as I'm in this business, i'm going to be hungry"

Seeds and mugs of hot water as MEALS?? Subsisting on yogurt and cereal bars??

This is INSANITY. Human beings need food to SURVIVE. People in developing countries are STARVING. And yet American actresses starve themselves....voluntarily.

What a great irony- in the worlds richest country, the women we idolize and aspire to look like are spitting in the face of their privilege.

I always encourage healthy eating, portion control, moderation, and plenty of physical exercise- but "going hungry", and describing your diet as "awful"? Never. This is dangerous. And serious. Impressionable young women read these quotes from women considered "beautiful" and they will inevitably make the connection between starvation and beauty, fame, and success.

I encourage all my clients to NEVER go hungry. In fact, extreme hunger is detrimental to keeping a healthy weight because it slows down our metabolism and when we're hungry, we're much more likely to eat compulsively, mindlessly, or whatever is convenient, which is usually packaged and low in nutrients.

As dodai, editor at writes, "So let's get this straight: Actresses are starving to stay in the "business," which consists of making entertainment for us, the audience, many of whom often wish actresses weren't always so thin? Makes sense."

Enough said. Enough starving!

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