Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feed Megan Fox

I'm certainly not going to be someone who says that "beauty" looks a certain way- thin, curvy, short, tall, whatever. I think it's all gorgeous, especially if that person is healthy and confident and takes care of their body. That being said, although I realize people think shes super sexy, I honestly can't agree.


I realize some women are naturally thin, but honestly, this is eating disorder porn. Dislike. Even her eyes look hungry!

Here's a video I DO like:
*there are some images that are slightly sexual in nature. I do not condone hypersexualizing women, this video was meant to show that women of all sizes can be beautiful. There are also images of extremely thin women so if this is difficult for you, stop at 3:07*

And another:

I'd rather see this badass chick do workout moves all day than see that underfed, pouty Megan Fox rolling around for Armani. Not healthy.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gym etiquette 101

Today I thought I'd take the chance to blog about the all-important GYM ETIQUETTE. I love working at the YMCA. I love working OUT at the YMCA too. But for some reason I find that some of my fellow YMCA-goers, while they are most likely very lovely people, are very lacking in gym etiquette. Example:

Today I was doing a balance exercise with a bosu ball (see Fig. 1) on top of a bench.
Fig. 1

The bosu ball was the perfect height for the exercise I was trying to do. I was just going about my business, doing the exercise, when a woman came into the room and plucked the bosu ball right off the bench I was using. When I looked started and confused, she said "I need it to work on my balance." When I looked pissed, she said "Sorry."

Lady, I don't care if you're gonna make a damn salad on it- I'M USING IT. What's funny is, if she had considerately asked me to use it I would have gladly agreed. But the fact that she felt she could just take it from me, without asking, when I was clearly using it, is just ridiculous.

Unfortunately, things like this happen all too often.

ANYWAY: A few tips on gym etiquette:

-Always ask if someone is using a piece of equipment if they are even somewhat close. It's considerate.

-Always wipe down the piece of equipment you're using when you're done.

-Always return a piece of equipment to it's proper place.

-DO NOT walk into a room where several people are exercising, decide you don't like the music, and turn it off. Likewise, do not enter a room where several people are exercising and turn ON music. Always ask a quick general consensus of the people in the room. It takes just a moment.

-Remember that you are not the only person in the facility!

-Don't pepper personal trainers with questions, especially when they are in a session with a client! *I'm more than happy to talk to a member or potential client with specific questions, but I can't give you a free session of training when I'm trying to get my own workout in, on my own free time, or when i'm working with a paying client*

-Don't complain to a personal trainer about things irrelevant to personal training (i.e. the paper recycling system, the heat, the parking lot, the leaky radiator.)

All that being said, the majority of members I come across are GREAT! There are just a few clueless, or plain old inconsiderate, people who can make things difficult.

My motto for gym etiquette: "Always err on the side of POLITE!" You can't go wrong.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Women's Health Magazines are Bull****?!5753287/womens-fitness-magazines-are-bullshit

Morning Gloria of explains why women's health magazines can actually make women feel terrible and overly emphasize excessive thinness. Sad.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't Feed the Stars

#1- came upon this image while perusing my usual list of feminist blogs:

This is SICK!

"I hate dieting, I'm hungry all the time"
"As long as I'm in this business, i'm going to be hungry"

Seeds and mugs of hot water as MEALS?? Subsisting on yogurt and cereal bars??

This is INSANITY. Human beings need food to SURVIVE. People in developing countries are STARVING. And yet American actresses starve themselves....voluntarily.

What a great irony- in the worlds richest country, the women we idolize and aspire to look like are spitting in the face of their privilege.

I always encourage healthy eating, portion control, moderation, and plenty of physical exercise- but "going hungry", and describing your diet as "awful"? Never. This is dangerous. And serious. Impressionable young women read these quotes from women considered "beautiful" and they will inevitably make the connection between starvation and beauty, fame, and success.

I encourage all my clients to NEVER go hungry. In fact, extreme hunger is detrimental to keeping a healthy weight because it slows down our metabolism and when we're hungry, we're much more likely to eat compulsively, mindlessly, or whatever is convenient, which is usually packaged and low in nutrients.

As dodai, editor at writes, "So let's get this straight: Actresses are starving to stay in the "business," which consists of making entertainment for us, the audience, many of whom often wish actresses weren't always so thin? Makes sense."

Enough said. Enough starving!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trainer/Client relationship

I had a new experience recently in my training career when one of my clients sadly passed away. I called her because she hadn't come to our appointment, only to find out that she had very recently died. It was shocking, and I felt very, very sad.

I had only known her for a few months, but it is amazing when I think about how much I knew about her from just a few training sessions. I knew about her family- what her children were up to, how they liked their jobs, etc...her dog's names and all their silly little habits....her volunteer work and how that affected her she liked the new house she moved into, etc. etc etc....

The trainer/client relationship can be very close. It is an intimate thing, to entrust someone else with your body! There must be mutual trust, respect, faith, and a good sense of humor. Like many other industries that see clients one-on-one (hairstylists, makeup artists, cosmetologists, massage therapists, etc.) personal trainers often hear their client's deep thoughts, feelings, and fears. Alot can be learned in an hour training session!

I'm sure this will be one of many strange and sad occurrences in my career in the fitness and mental health field. Client's lives are full of ups and downs, wonderful joys and sudden tragedies. We share in the happiness of our clients as well as the hard times, and yes, even death.

Jody, I hope you are resting peacefully and I will remember you fondly.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Couldn't have put it better myself!

I wish I could somehow implant this info into every single person's head...especially those I see toiling away on the "ab machine"... I'll settle for lecturing about it to my clients every single chance I get and sharing this video with you all! Happy exercising.