Saturday, January 29, 2011


Over a week since i've posted- ahh! I've been very busy as school as just started up again (I'm taking Theories of Holistic Counseling, Psychopathology, and Issues and Standards of Psychotherapy.) I'm also taking part in the Take it Off Challenge at the Y- training 5 different teams all competing to see which team can lose the most weight and make the most healthy changes in their lives! With 5 teams I have about 25 different people to train, track, and work with, so it's a challenge for me as well as the team members! So far it's going great- all the members are so motivated. It's great to see teams come together and encourage eachother. I'll keep you updated as the Challenge progresses!

On to the blog post title- Onslaught. The Dove Campaign for real beauty makes these fantastic videos that show the real struggle women of all ages face with the constant "onslaught" of media images about what "beauty" is. This video is a perfect picture of the barrage of images and messages sent to women every day, everywhere we go.

Studies have shown that body dissatisfaction in young women increases dramatically after viewing fashion or beauty magazines or watching television. (

I don't need studies to prove this- I experience it all the time! I can feel fantastic about myself and my body, especially after a great workout, eating a healthy meal, buying a new outfit I like, or receiving a compliment from someone (like my mom, my boyfriend, a friend, etc.) Then I watch TV or read a magazine about how to achieve the "ideal" body, or "lose that last 10 pounds!" or see a super-thin and gorgeous airbrushed model and I can sense that feeling of fulfillment and self-esteem start to melt's really sad. That's why I have armed myself with a critical eye- i'm always reading, watching, listening, and looking with the knowledge that much of what i'm seeing and hearing is DESIGNED to melt away my self-esteem and fulfillment, so that I go out and buy that gym membership/diet product/makeup/hair product whatever-it-may-be. While it may not leave me invincible to the "onslaught", it has been a valuable tool for me, and I encourage all women of all ages to consume, look, and listen with a critical eye and appreciate how YOU look and the body YOU have, without comparison to the images we see in the media.

How about a dose of REAL WOMEN photos? :) For more, check out my slideshow at the top of the blog page. Enjoy!

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