Monday, January 10, 2011


In the future I will need to be very careful about which sources I blog my information and inspiration from. For example, many women's magazines actually print sexist, disempowering, and shaming images and information for women. The headlines on most all women's magazines start with "Wanna lose 10 pounds?" or "Get your new body in 2011!!" or some other similar headline regurgitated every single month. Well, as we know, healthy doesn't always mean skinny! And skinny definitely doesn't always mean healthy. Some magazines do get it right, and though I'm not always totally happy with their magazine, Glamour actually does a great job of presenting realistic body types and printing body positive articles and images. Check out the beautiful, normal-sized model in the article below- she proves that healthy and fit doesn't always mean flat abs.

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  1. Magazines geared towards women send entirely confusing and conflicting messages. I have long had a problem with the images of homogenized beauty perpetuated by this industry. The ideas of how to "please your mate" and manners in which to appear sexy are quite harmful.