Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Feelings before food

Many people, myself (kind of) included, are emotional eaters. We eat when we're bored, sad, frustrated, stressed, angry- or happy, drunk, and in love! It's always good to check in with yourself before eating and assess whether you're eating out of true hunger and desire or in order to soothe some uncomfortable feeling. This doesn't need to be a scientific experiment before any single mouthful of food- just a general awareness about why, when, and how you're eating. You may be surprised at what you find. That aside- there are times where I actually relish in mindLESSly eating. I enjoy just eating whatever tastes good at the moment, without a second of guilt. These are special occasions, though, and I try to practice mindful eating almost always. Below is a link to an article by Sark, a wonderful self-help guru (that title is lame and doesn't really do her justice, but for right now it can suffice) about mindful eating, or "Feelings before food". Enjoy!


Here are some cute pictures to illustrate:

MindLESS eating :

MindFULL eating!

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